vendredi 17 octobre 2014

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier is dog species of origin United States. they are known as the pit bull little brother.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was brought to America by immigrants from the United Kingdom in the 1870s is the source of this species. They are created by mating dogs of American Bulldog with Mastiff species.

Originally it was used as fighting dogs. In strongly stickiness of a dog, you can bully the bison and grizzly, you can not fight the dogs to each other, it was also used to fight the man and tied the mouth. After the fighting dogs is prohibited show dogs and pets, are determined to be used as guard dogs only, began to improve to suppress the violent temper and aggression takes place. However, this policy fighting dogs lovers not like, it was repulsive and should continue to continue to breed dogs with aggression as for fighting dogs. Conflict of faction and fighting dogs use continuation school to promote the improvement for the pet becomes increasingly serious, eventually the dog is separate and independent of for use as for fighting dogs, began to develop as a separate breed. This derived species in the American Pit Bull Terrier, the person who has been improved as a pet and show dog is this species American Staffordshire Terrier. After this species has been registered as a certified dog species in FCI to reason that it has washed the feet as fighting dogs, but that the American Pit Bull Terrier can be certified on the grounds that are still impassively as fighting dogs used did not.

This species is often kept current as show dogs and pets, there are few that have been used as fighting dogs. Those that have been used as fighting dogs have been treated as a pit bull is not as American Staffordshire, regardless of the presence or absence of pedigree.

In the dog species somewhat popular in Japan, it has been kept as pets. Every year there is a national registration, registration population ranking of fiscal 2009 is a 88-position and the high ranking # 136 of.


In chunky and the muscular of the figure, jaw force to both types both stronger than the average of other breeds. Legs long, I have a hairless tail hanging decoration long and drooping ears. Coat smooth coat, hair color Tan-and-white and blue, black, brindle, such as black-and-white. Withers male 46 ~ 48cm, in the female 43 ~ 46cm, weight medium-sized dog of 18 ~ 23kg in both sexes. Personality is loyal and strong patience only the owner, independent mind is a vigorous offensive. If you do not perform a rigorous training even those for pets that it may face a Fang also to my husband, it is better that breeding was avoided in families with small children. If Rarere Tenazuke is can also be kept as household dogs. Momentum is a generous, susceptible to disease congenital heart disease, some hip dysplasia, cataracts, and malignant tumors.

It has been described in connection with what the appearance is mainly for pets above, what is there is no lower limit on the size in the high aggressive personality pride for fighting dogs, than the force of the jaw conspicuous tusks for the number of pets fold is powerful. In musculoskeletal Ryuryu, rough appearance is much there is no great difference between American Pit Bull Terrier.